Who we Are

We are part of the church of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to know Jesus and make Him known in the community in which we live. We are not perfect, by far, we are broken and flawed people from all over this community bound together by our love and faith and dedication to serving Jesus. Our desire is to bring honor and glory to Him who saved us. 

We come together weekly to worship Him in Spirit and Truth, through songs of praise and adoration and through the study of the Bible, God's Word. We study the Word verse by verse chapter by chapter with great expectation of receiving the full counsel of God.

Our dress is casual, our worship is contemporary and our focus is vertical. We invite you to join us for our Sunday or Wednesday gatherings as we seek Jesus and desire to follow Him.

CC Woodland History

Calvary Chapel Woodland began as a Bible Study in February 2010. In January of that same year Pastor Denny and his wife Lynette began praying and fasting for God to use them in the SW Washington city of Woodland. Shortly after beginning to pray God started confirming the work, through His Word, through other individuals, even through a couple of dreams others had about a "new work" of God in the city of Woodland. With a Sunday evening Bible Study we started Calvary Chapel Woodland sharing the building with Horizon Martial Arts knowing full well that it would soon become a "new church" start in due time. Nearly six months to the day Calvary Chapel Woodland began to meet on Sunday mornings.